Bethany's Bio!

When I was a high school student, I had no idea what I wanted to do for college, much less a career. My personal interests lied in the natural sciences, though I also had a passion for math and wanted to pursue a challenging and highly respected college major. After being introduced to Imaging Science through a high school internship, I realized this was the perfect field to get in to. Imaging Science combined my interests for science and math, and still included environmental applications; plus, ample scholarship opportunities exclusive to Imaging Science applicants, and being guaranteed a job straight out of college, didn’t hurt either.

After graduating with my BS degree in Imaging Science in 2006, I began a career at the acclaimed oblique aerial imaging company Pictometry International as a Photogrammetric Engineer, where I was responsible for helping design a new orthogonal image processing workflow. This additional process developed a new high quality, survey-grade imaging product not previously offered by Pictometry; and helped the company break into, and succeed in, a new market they could not have previously competed in.

I chose to return to RIT after three and a half rewarding years at Pictometry, to help spread the word about the amazing opportunities available in Imaging Science. I hope that through sharing some of my own experiences, that I may inspire young adults to pursue challenging and rewarding educations and professions. It is my passion to help introduce other bright young minds to the program that has awarded me so many substantial life accomplishments, and to encourage others to pursue Imaging Science towards a successful career.

I am devoted to student success and helping students discover their passions. Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions about Imaging Science, RIT, or college in general. I am delighted to hear from interested students; it’s what I’m here for!

All the best,

While in the Imaging Science program, my passion for knowledge and therefore my entire career as a student flourished. Through my unique experiences in the Imaging Science program, I was awarded an esteemed and highly competitive scholarship through the Department of Homeland Security, which fully funded my final two years of school; awarded a monthly stipend; and included a summer internship position at a national laboratory. I fully attribute this success to the fact that I was in such a distinctive program as Imaging Science; to be able to stand out amongst a crowd of elite students from across the country from many prestigious colleges, illustrates just how exceptional and sought after Imaging Scientists are.